Are you prepared to move into a position of leadership? Author & speaker, L. Diane Wolfe, outlines the steps required to become an effective and dynamic leader. Trained for ten years within a top motivation educational system, she helps listeners develop passion, confidence, and an image of success. Wolfe shows others how to apply leadership principles to their lives, from overcoming shyness to developing communication skills to handling negative, and helps them uncover the leader within!

Realizing Your Potential-
Understanding shyness
Your attitude & actions
Focus & don’t wait for circumstances
Cure fear by taking action

Making Adjustments -
Take charge & make a decision
Goals / Develop a PMA
Change associations
Mentors / Public speaking

Traits of a Leader -
Discipline a success image
Integrity & honesty
Be proactive not reactive
Be organized & instill confidence

Dealing with People -
Basic truths about people
Listening / Making good impressions
Positive attracts, negative repels

Working with Others -
Be a team member
Proper work ethic / Motivating
Develop passion and have vision
Invite ideas / Generous with praise

Dealing with Negative -
Never take criticism personally
Never belittle / Be positive
Refuse to fight with a fighter

The Total Package -
Develop balance /Recharge yourself
Continue to learn, grow & expand