Have you always dreamed of attaining great success with a book, but didn’t know where to begin? Author and business owner, L. Diane Wolfe walks you through the steps, from creating a marketable product to generating publicity. All of the options available will be outlined, including the incredible potential of the Internet as a resource and platform for your work. Those serious about promoting their work are encouraged to attend this lively seminar. This session is offered in combination with the seminar on publishing.

Writing phase
Research market

Planning stage
Target audience
Budget & promotional timeline
Branding & pitch

Develop contacts
Websites & blogs
Media & reviewers
Bookstores & libraries

Materials Required

Galleys & ARCs

Other Distribution Options
Ebooks and audio
Outside the box

Developing Website

Social sites
Online communities

Other Online Options
Book sites & sellers
Virtual tours
Book trailers


The Media
Interviews & story pitches
Media kit

Press Releases

PR Agents & Advertising

Book Signings & Speaking

Other Options & Ongoing