Have you always dreamed of publishing a book, but didn’t know where to begin? Author and business owner, L. Diane Wolfe, walks you through the steps, from creating a marketable product to distribution. All of the options available will be outlined, including the incredible potential of the Internet as a resource and platform for your work. Anyone serious about writing is encouraged to attend this lively seminar. This session is offered in combination with the seminar on marketing and promoting.

Writing/Initial phase
Research - consider the marketability
Organize, outline & genre
Select an editor
Think beyond initial book
Research all options

Traditional publishing
Independent publishers
Small to mid-sized presses
Large publishing companies
Pros & Cons

Publisher Facts
Research & preparation
Understand forms

Form a publishing company/self-pubish
Understand requirements & commitment
Pros & Cons

Self-publishing set-up
Business structure, set-up, & legalities

Formatting book
Book design - interior & exterior
EBook formatting
Copyright, Library of Congress, & pricing 

Offset vs. POD
Select printer
Galley copies

Distributors & Wholesalers
Library distribution
Establish accounts with bookstores
EBook distribution
Payment, shipping, & accounts
Handling returns