Are you ready to break through the barriers obstructing your goals? Motivational speaker, author, and business owner, L. Diane Wolfe, outlines the keys to overcoming those obstacles with the right attitude. Author of a fictional inspirational series on the subject, she guides listeners through the steps of developing a positive attitude, overcoming fear, and setting meaningful goals. Anyone needing to energize his or her dreams is encouraged to attend this spirited talk!


Five Keys to Success-

Develop a Positive Attitude-
Determine the real problem
Components of a PMA
Problems and a PMA

Develop People Skills-
Understand the basic truths
First contact
Maintaining friendships
Motivating others

Raise Your Self-Esteem-
The facts & importance of a good self-image
Stopping the downward spiral
Take charge of yourself
Moving past barriers
Continuing forward       

Overcoming Fears-
The truth about fear
The faces of fear
Breaking the fear barrier
Stumble but don’t stop

Setting Goals-
Living with a purpose
Starting on the path
When the goal becomes fuzzy